Big Impressions


Recently started the new Hong Sister’s drama! Woot woot! They’re either a hit or a miss for me, but I’ve watched them all and I’ve loved most of them. My Sassy Girl Choonhyang was the drama that got me wrapped up in all this madness, so I have a soft spot for the Hong sisters and it looks like their newest drama will not disappoint!

I liked the airy, open tone of the first two episodes and I can start to see how the love lines are going to develop but HOLD THE PHONE. Is our heroine really going to fall for someone her little brother’s age?!?! I know this is drama land and we’ve seen lots of pairings like this. Cha Chi-Soo in Flower Boy Ramen Shop is only one example of many, but still. There is just something about this particular setup that has me dialing up the ick factor of this show by two levels. Luckily, our high schooler is in Gong Yoo’s body, which makes it a little less icky-er, but still…

Otherwise, I’m totally for the drama. I like most of the characters and Gong Yoo as moody high school boy is  hilarious.