Queen Inhyun’s Man Finale

So I promised myself that I wouldn’t watch episode 15 until I knew for certain that episode 16 could be found somewhere on the web (streaming or torrenting, I’m not picky!).

Alas, I couldn’t resist and once I read that people had finished watching the livestream, I thought that I’d easily be able to find it streaming somewhere one the great glorious interwebs. I started episode 15, while furiously looking for episode 16 in another window. I must have refreshed that soompi thread 50 times before someone posted the torrenting link and I just willed episode 16 to torrent faster.

My will didn’t work as quickly as I wished it would and I wound up with a 30 minute gap between episode 15 and 16 which I spend hopping around all the Queen Inhyun’s Man threads I could find online.

After watching it, I’m a strange mix of sad and happy. I’m glad that the show ended on a happy note, with our two leads together (forever! or so I hope), but I wish we had gotten to see a bit more of how Boong-Do adjusts. I haven’t had a drama eat me up alive like this in a really long time, and I hope to find one as good as Queen Inhyun’s Man soon!