Life Imitating Dramas (or an attempt to)

I’m not talking about the otherworldly time travel dramas (Queen Inhyun’s Man) or body swapping dramas (Big, anyone?). No, I’m talking about the meet-cute and other tiny details of the Korean dramas I know so well and love.


1. Meet-cute #1: The hate -> love progression.

The lead couple randomly meets somehow and it’s hate at first site. There might be a misunderstanding or two, but the point is that their first impressions of each other are terrible. I’m not going to lie that when I do accidentally bump into a semi cute guy on the streets, I imagine a drama-like scenario where we’ll start bickering and somehow become inexplicably wrapped up in each other’s lives.


2. Meet-cute #2: Poor girl works at her part time job and meets the guy there.

Okay, this one isn’t as common, but I think I’ve seen a drama or two where the girl starts the series slaving away at her part time job. This scenario often falls under the category of the above meet-cute, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. I’m not going to lie, when I used to work at a small cafe, I’d entertain the idea that something from a drama would happen to me. I’d wipe down the tables, imagining scenarios where I’d meet some guy he’d start becoming a regular. He knew that there was something special about me from the start and he’s slowly start to get to know me from constantly seeing me at the cafe.

One day, he’d come to the cafe only to find that I had quit. He had never gotten the chance to ask me out or even get past a “Hi, again. I’d like an Americano.” A couple months would pass, and we’d run into each by chance. Maybe he’d recognize me first, or maybe I would; either way, we’d meet again and this time, it’d be a scenario in which we’d have to run into each other all the time. From there, our cute relationship would begin.


3. Meet-cute #3: Inspired by A Gentleman’s Dignity. A “20 second” moment.

This doesn’t matter where, as long as it’s crowded or a busy street. I’ll admit, the Gentleman’s Dignity scene ran through my head today when I grabbed a cup of coffee at the local cafe. I was putting tons of soy milk in my iced coffee and this guy who was putting sugar in his was getting in my way. When I was finished, I walked up the stairs to the seating area while the sugar guy made to leave the cafe. He passed by the stairs while I was walking up them and we shared a glance. Alas, the glance only lasted five seconds, so it didn’t pass the Gentleman’s Dignity test, but it was still a little moment!


Sigh, sad.