The only reason why I started watching Ghost? Daniel Choi.

He stole my heart while playing the prickly doctor in High Kick 2 and my love for him has neared my love for Jung Il-Woo (also a High Kick alum). When I heard that he was going to be in Ghost I knew I had to check it out!

Ha! The first thing I thought when I saw Lee Yeon-Hee coding away was, “What are you doing, silly? You can’t code!” Look at her trying to stop a virus! Kekeke. Okay, if I want to take this drama seriously, I need to stop thinking she is Lee Yeon-Hee. She is Yoo Kang-Mi! Part of the Cyber Crime task force! While I’m at it, I might as well persuade myself that So Ji-Sub can also code. He is Kim Woo-Hyeon, leader of said task force and apparently a hacker extraordinaire. Brain! Stop thinking of So Ji-Sub as the pitiful orphan from I’m Sorry, I Love You! Stop! Stop!

Okay now that that’s take care of, I can properly concentrate on the drama at hand.

Hmm.. I thought it was interesting that they decided to start off the show with a case about an actress who committed suicide after having the sex scandal. It’s no secret that there is a sex issue when it comes to new actresses and their talent agencies/producers/directors. I thought it hit a little too close to home considering that there have been actresses that many have suspected committed suicide for the same reasons.

Anyways, the drama sets up the main villain pretty quickly. He’s a genius hacker nicknamed Hades and he’s been foiling the Cyber Investigation squad at every turn. The squad has been getting shit for not being able to stop Hades, but the head honcho at the police station seems to trust the squad.

Hades hacked the actress’ computer minutes before she committed suicide so the cyber squad is positive Hades had something to do with her.

Funnily enough, Kang-Mi is known in the drama as being the “uh-jjang” of the police force. At leas this drama realized that police officers are usually not that pretty. Even when she’s got her angry face on, she’s still cute.


We get our first look at Daniel Choi, playing reporter Park Ki-Young, when he runs into Kang-Mi at the parking lot. Their first meeting doesn’t go down so well and Kang-Mi quickly pins him down thinking that he’s someone suspicious. He clears the air by stating that he’s a reporter then quickly flashes a charming smile and asks her for any information she might have. (Oh Daniel Choi, why are you so incredibly charming??)

When Ki-Young goes back to his office, we see that it’s tiny. Tiny, tiny, tiny. His assistant makes a quip about the fact that she’s never written a proper article before and when he gets into his office, he’s surrounded by computer with tons of code on the screen. When an anonymous phone call was made to the police station to offer evidence that the actress was murdered, it’s clearly Ki-Young’s voice on the line. Hmm… colour me intrigued.

Someone (I’m guessing Ki-Young) manages to text everyone in a certain radius that the actress’ suicide was not a murder. He also manages to hack the humongous jumbotron in the city square to show a tape of someone shoving the actress out the window!

So Ji-Sup’s character, Kim Woo-Hyun, manages to figure out that Hades was probably hacking from inside the building in order to reach that radius. He spots him on the CCTV and manages to catch the suspect only to find that it is Ki-Young, his old roommate from back in the day when they were both in police academy.

Ki-Young admits to being Hades, but when Woo-Hyun accuses him of being the murderer as well, Ki-Young balks. He claims that he saw the murder happening on his computer while hacking the actress’ computer, but when he tried to chase the murderer, he failed.

Both have got bigger shit to worry about though, cause the police have got Ki-Young at the top of their suspect list int he actress killing. Ki-Young was the only one that popped up on the apartment CCTV and he was caught running from the scene. Additionally, Ki-Young had received an email earlier from someone offering a huge sum of money to hack the actress’ computer and uncover a phantom file. Ki-Young claimed that he was curious as to who had figured out his identity and looked for the file just so he could figure out who knew his identity.

Okay, I’m very close to being done with this drama at this point. The drama isn’t very well edited and when music started randomly playing in a random “thinking” scene in a situation where the music playing definitely didn’t make any sense, I almost turned off the drama. -_- Seriously. The scene maybe lasted 7 seconds and there was weird ballad music playing  that definitely didn’t fit the scene while So Ji-Sup sat in a chair recollecting the events that we had literally JUST seen happen.

Managed to make it all the way to the second episode and although it raised the stakes a little, I can’t take the wooden acting skills of Lee Yeon-Hee and So Ji-Sup. After Daniel Choi’s bit was over with in the drama, I decided that I’m done.

Donezo. Now I’m going to watch A Gentleman’s Dignity in the hopes that it’ll lift my spirits.