A Gentleman’s Dignity 3 (신사의 품격 3)


HAHAHAHAHA. Yi-Soo is my favorite now. She’s making Mae-Ah-Ri do bunny squats in punishment for forcing her into this awkward situation with Do-Jin. kekeke.

She’s been avoiding his calls ever since she was forced to fake confess her love for him in front of her actual real love, Tae-San. When she sees him at her apartment she hides in front of the neighbor’s and when the neighbor catches her outside her doorstep, Yi-Soo gets roped into going indoors for a lecture about God. HAHAHA

He catches her leaving the neighbor’s house and she stands there dumbly while he walks over to her. She attempts aegyo at him, but cringes and just says, “Let’s go talk somewhere.”

Holy crap. I’m loving this relationship. He’s having a blast making fun of her and he asks, “Since when did you start liking me? It’s not as if I can’t understand why, I’m so amazingly handsome…” and he starts quoting the note she wrote in the chocolate basket to Tae-San. He imagines them in a field again (so cute that he does that), but that image quickly shatters when Yi-Soo starts jabbing him with words he had used before.

HA. He then accuses her of having multiple personality disorder. Then asks if she’s planning on ignoring her calls forever. Yi-Soo suggests that he claim that he had no interest in her and reject her, but he casually informs her that he has no intention of rejecting her and leaves.

Meanwhile Mae-Ah-Ri runs into Yoon who’s quickly packing some clothes. He hasn’t been sleeping at the apartment for quite some time and he’s lead Mae-Ah-Ri to believe that he’s been sleeping over at random girls’ places. She almost drops some dishes while trying to prepare coffee for the two of them, but he catches them just in time, and there’s an awkward moment between the two of them. He’s actually staying at his office, and while unpacking his clothes, we find out he also packed his wedding photo. Ah, so he was married before. Hmm..

BAHAHAHAHA! Do-Jin arranges it so that Tae-San will be busy before the baseball game so he can drive Yi-Soo to the game.

Which is why Yoon if faced with this crew to take to the game. Mae-Ah-Ri brightly informs him that Do-Jin told her to make extra sure that there was no room in his car. KEKEKE.

Man, Yi-Soo knows how to needle him. When he goes on about how he doesn’t allow anyone to eat in his car, she laughs and says, “You probable even named you car.” At his guilty expression, she KNOWS that he has and starts asking questions like, “Is it a boy name or a girl name?”

He makes her get off so she can eat all the food in her bag while he looks on, totally disgusted.

He makes an emergency stop to help out his friend Jung-Reok lie to his wife. When Yi-Soo balks, he tells her to just take a cab or bus or something. He goes in to help his friend lie to his wife and then get a message from the waiter who claims it’s from his “wife.” HAHAHA! Yi-Soo stole the car and casually informs him that “he seemed busy” so she took the car. She even takes the liberty of picking up a hitchhiker, the same kid who has the picture of all four men with his mother in his wallet.

Mae-Ah-Ri’s dressed in a cheerleader outfit and her brother and Yoon cringe in embarrassment. To be honest, I am too.

When he checks to see if his car is okay, he notices a gross stench and looks up to see a dried squid  with a laughing face cut out hanging on his rearview mirror. HAHAHAHA I love her. Do-Jin picks it up and plants it in her luggage finding the perfect place with the perfect temperature for maximum stench.

Mae-Ah-Ri gets hit while cheerleading and when she falls, she says that she needs the love and affection of lawyer Yoon to heal her. HA. She arranges it so he needs to take her back early and claims, “lawyer Yoon, I have someone I need to sue, let’s talk about it in the car!”


She discovers the dried squid (with an accompanying cackling sound effect! kekeke) and screams. When Tae-San is alarmed and makes to go see if she’s okay, Do-Jin stops him and claims, “She’s calling for me. It’s our secret code. HA!

He informs her that her punishment is having to compliment him (in full sentences) every time she sees him. And her face above is the expression she makes when she hears her punishment. She’s so disgusted!!!


Haha. Yi-Soo needed to wear Mae-Ah-Ri’s short skirt because her clothes smelled like dried squid and the boys make approving glances when she walks out. (Although, I will say Do-Jin’s face looks more confused than approving.)

When she asks to hitch a ride with Tae-San, Do-Jin exclaims, “What are you saying? You asked me to get dinner with you before heading back and I told you I thought it was a good idea!” She can’t say no since it was her idea, so she angrily whispers into Do-Jin’s ear, “I applaud you for your cunningness.”

They eat sashimi together and she looks at him suspiciously. She demands to know the reason why they’re eating sashimi together claiming that she knows he didn’t bring her here just to eat.

Do-Jin: “Have you never been in a relationship?”

Yi-Soo: “I was considered a relationship prodigy.”

Do-Jin: “Then you must know… why a man would bring a woman to this gorgeous far away beach front.”

Yi-Soo: (nervously) “Then why? Tell me why!”

Do-Jin: “It’s embarrassing to not know at your age.”


Do-Jin: “To make you drive back of course.”

At this, Yi-Soo looks relieved then has a sly look on her face and grabs the soju bottle as Do-Jin reaches for her shot glass and she starts chugging away, until Do-Jin says, “Wow, you must really want to sleep with me.” and she promptly spits it all back out into the bottle.


They’re standing on the beachfront candidly talking and he fashions her another skirt from his jacket. While they’re standing there, Yi-Soo apologizes to him for wrapping him up in her one sided love and Do-Jin’s face falls a little when she bring Tae-San up again.

We transition to Do-Jin working where learn he’s now 41 (which means the Lunar New Year has passed).

Yi-Soo stands in front of her class where her favorite delinquent sits with a smile on his face. He catches other kids bashing on Yi-Soo for being just an ethics teacher and he walks up to the kid saying, “Hi friend, mind repeating what you just said?” and threatens him even further. I love this kid.

Jung-Reok finds out that his wife took all of his credit card receipts and tracks her own at the gym where she’s training with a hot young trainer. And she rips him a new one for his shady credit card transactions and claims that they’ll “both be off each other’s family registers soon.”

Yi-Soo chances upon an architecture magazine with Do-Jin’s face on it and picks it up to read. She reads his interview and imagines him next to him answering the interview questions. She learns that he doesn’t believe in marriage and marvels at the fact that he’s so frank. Her friend picks her up and persuades her to go on a blind date.


I always thought Mae-Ah-Ri hated Se-Ra because she was on Yi-Soo’s side, but it turns out she hates Se-Ra because she saw Se-Ra kissing some random guy at a club when Se-Ra and her brother came to visit her in New York. O.O Se-Ra is momentarily shocked, but then takes in stride and asks Mae-Ah-Ri, “Fine, what do you want me to do? Should I leave? Should I go?”

Do-Jin is informed by Tae-San that Yi-Soo is on a blind date and promptly interferes in her date. His first words to her, “So that’s how you dress for other guys? Not prettily?”


He informs her that Tae-San told him to rescue her and she focuses on the Tae-San part. He then proceeds to tell her that he’s thinking about starting a one-sided love, towards her.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the relationship between the two of our main characters! I love the fact that it’s the guy who falls in love with her first and I love the fact that she’s so disgusted by him. Kekeke.