Queen Inhyun’s Man 14 (인현왕후의 남자 14)


That has got to go down in Korean drama history as one of the best “I love you”s ever. EVER.

I can’t believe he risked it all (ALL) for Hee-Jin!!! He almost died (twice!) and only survived thanks to his incredibly brilliant brain and modern medicine. I knew he wouldn’t actually die, because the drama wouldn’t be that cruel, but I’ve got to say I was on edge for a while. It speaks volumes that Boong-Do was not only willing to risk his life, but also leave his world behind. Although modern day Korea is still Korea, Boong-Do has nothing in the new world besides Hee-Jin.

No one remembers anything of him besides Hee-Jin, and Boong-Do has no history in this modern land. The scenes in the hospital showed us the troubles that might face Boong-Do in the modern world because he doesn’t have the proper identification. This is a major major problem in Korea because you need your citizenship ID number for EVERYTHING. Even creating an account for a Korean game site requires your ID number. Seeing as how realistic this drama has been (well, except for the whole time traveling amulet deal), I’m intrigued to see how they’ll address Boong-Do’s lack of documentation in the modern world.

We have 2 episodes left, and I’m completely confident that they’ll do a splendid job, but I’m sad to see this show go. I’m also a little nervous because I know they can’t just let the happy couple live happily for two whole episodes… I don’t know what kind of drama the writer is going to stir up, but I hope it’s not too terrible! I’ve already cried enough through this episode! My heart can’t take it!