Game of Thrones: Blackwater

Blackwater Explosion

Okay, how awesome was last Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode? Very very very awesome. It didn’t have some of my favorite characters (Arya, Robb, John), but it had a whole lot of Tyrion and it had a whole lot of Tyrion being freaking brilliant. Although, to be fair, Tyrion is always brilliant.

Some of my favorite bits of the episode:

  • The ship that leaked the green flame fluid. Excellent excellent planning on Tyrion’s part.
  • Sansa’s slight sass at Joffrey before he left for battle. She knew he wasn’t man enough to actually fight in battle and I love that she asked those pointed questions just pointed enough to let him know she doubted his courage in battle but not enough to be accused of treason and give Joffrey an excuse to beat her.
  • The epic speech that Tyrion gave to rally the troops. At first I was actually afraid that no one would listen to him just because of his size, but when he gave that speech, “don’t fight for the king, don’t fight for honor, fight for yourselves…” I was cheering at the television because he actually managed to pump up the troops! Plus he killed a guy! Go Tyrion!!! (One of the only times when I’ll not only condone, but also encourage violence.)
  • Cersei being a complete bitch to Sansa and saying that a woman’s greatest weapon isn’t her tears, but “what’s between her legs.” Sansa’s face at this statement? Hilarious. I hate the shit out of Cersei and hope that she dies a slow and painful death, but I have to admit, she’s never boring.
  • Sansa taking control of the room after Cersei has a panic attack. When it looks like everything’s gone to hell and the Lannisters are screwed, Cersei storms out of the underground room and all the other royal ladies start freaking out. Sansa immediately stood up and said a couple of reassuring words (all lies ’cause at the moment, they really were all screwed), and calmed the ladies.

I’m seriously bummed that the season is going to be over after this upcoming episode. What am I going to do without my Game of Thrones fix?!? Although I am supremely excited to hear that the season finale is going to be a special extended episode. ^^